Building a better mindset

So, what’s it take to get on the “fitness trend” people seems to be a part of these days? Just one thing: Commitment. Believe it or not but the easiest way to stay on track and reach your goals it to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, LIFESTYLE. Not a diet, not a 30-day nutrition plan, but a real change in your daily routine. And, it’s easy! These are some of the ways I stick to healthy living and keep me motivated. 🙂


Learn to listen to your body. What I mean is, when you’re craving potato chips, pizza, french fries, your body probably needs sodium. Try snacking on some apples and cheese or hummus and cucumber(I season mine with lime and cumin). If you’re carving ice cream or chocolate you probably need some sugar, but not too much! Almost everything we eat these days turns into sugar, even thought its not sweet in the slightest. So try going for natural sugars like dates, strawberries, and dark chocolate or cocao to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Get to know whats good for you. How do you feel after you eat dairy? Maybe there’s one specific kind of dairy that upsets your stomach. Try goats milk or goats yogurt if cows milk doesn’t suit you. Like I said earlier, listen to how you feel after you eat. There has been many discoveries of seeds, oils, supplements, and grains that are sooooo beneficial to your health. Get on your phone, your laptop, whatever, and google! I bet you’ll discover something new you’ll want to try or.. you might even find out something you thought was good for you actually isn’t!


When I saw motivation I don’t mean following bikini model’s Instagrams or fitness motivation accounts. I find that these accounts actually make me feel worse, haha! But hey, if it works for you, go for it! I watch a LOT of fitness youtubers. TessBegg, and Sarah’sDay are my favorites. They have such positive attitudes and share amazing recipes! When I don’t feel like getting out of my bed, I go to my youtube subscriptions. Seeing other girls do good for themselves is inspiring.

Have fun

When I first decided to eat clean, exercise, and strive for my best self, I was excited! Adopting a lifestyle of health and wellness won’t last for you if you are forcing yourself. You need to want to make healthy choices. You need to want to move your body so you start to feel stronger. It’s hard in the beginning, and I still have days where I couldn’t be bothered to workout. But, you get off the couch and get active because you know it pays off! Find exercise routines you find fun, if you like ab workouts(these are my favorite) start your day off with a 15 minute ab-blast. If you like running(I wish I was you) go for a run! What I’ve noticed is, after the initial few weeks of working out and eating clean, I started to feel stronger, happier, and my skin even cleared up! This keeps me going. But, I’m not saying I don’t skip  day or have a cheat meal every once in a while, I’m only human! haha

Love, Rachel Grace


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