Vegan: month 1

Im back! I took some time off writing and working because there were some major positive changes going on in my life. But! I’m back and ready with tons of post ideas for you guys. Today I wanted to talk about my first month being Vegan.

I decided to try Veganism out because I really wasn’t feeling well or looking the way I’d hoped I would. I ate healthy, whole foods, got lots of sleep, exercised, I felt like I was doing everything right! Yet, my body wasn’t responding well to my diet. So I did my research on veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, and whatever else is out there. Eating plan-based meant no cheese, not gonna lie I was pretty torn up about it, but I knew I had the will power to do it! So, I went cold tofurkey vegan(see what I did there..?hah).

It wasn’t hard for me to stop eating animal products because I was really dedicated to see results. The journey definitely had it’s ups and downs though. Week one went pretty well. I had a lot of fun looking up vegan recipes and watching girls on youtube talk about their success going vegan. I did discover I HATE vegan cheese though. Week two I noticed my skin cleared and I was loosing weight, but I also was (sorry for the TMI) constipated. I felt good through most of the day, I LOVED eating bread. Then at night my stomach would bloat and it made it hard to sleep. I had read eating lots of veggies would give me more fiber which would make me “go” more but I was having the opposite problem. Week there was probably the best. My digestion improved, I was eating delicious foods, bigger portions..until I realized I had been eating chocolate. I didn’t know it had milk okay! Anyway, I had never felt better in my life. I continued to loose weight, had energy(thanks to my B12 supplement), and was making healthy desserts. It went all down hill on week four. I had been eating waaaay to many carbs and it went all to my stomach. I felt like I gained five pounds over night. I really wasn’t happy because I was eating healthy foods and working out, so why was this happening?! This was around the time when I decided to bring meat back into my diet. The carb intake was too much for me and I found it hard to get enough protein. I finished out week four proud of myself to sticking with it for the last four weeks.

Now, I try to stay mainly plant-based. I still eat the same amount of veggies, beans, nuts, and fruits, I just lessened the amount of rice and grains I eat and added lean meats. I still love my almond milk though! I see my month being vegan almost like a cleanse. I detoxified my body by putting in only fresh ingredients. I recommend anyone who is in a slump, feeling like they don’t know why they aren’t feeling their best to try going play-based and see how they feel.

Love Rachel Grace



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