It gets better, I promise

cropped-img_1600.jpgI started my site about half a year ago. For a few different reasons, that time was one of the best and hardest times in my life. I had recently moved near Los Angeles and married my best friend. I was so incredibly happy where my life was going and was beginning to realize my passion for health .On top of all these positive improvements, during that time I was probably at my lowest in self-esteem and confidence. I was extremely hard on myself and became obsessed with my weight. I was also dealing with fighting hormonal acne which is a daily struggle for me to this day. I spent hours researching weight loss plans, diets, and looking to people on social media for motivation. I was totally ashamed of myself… and the sad part is that I was not at an unhealthy weight. On the scale(which I no-longer recommend) I was completely normal and healthy. But I still felt like I wasn’t good enough. This is when I decided to try a plant-based diet and ended up quitting because I did it TOTALLY WRONG. I went to the gym but felt uncomfortable and stupid, worked out at home and felt unmotivated and even more stupid. So, I kept looking for answers on what I was doing wrong.

These last couple of months have been very healing for me. This is when I truly started to grasp the concept of “listening to my body” and I unfollowed any negative influences on social media. I also began to grow in my passions. I put more time into my relationships with others and my relationship with myself. I also started my first year of University studying holistic health. This is what helped me get back to a positive place:

  1. Work out to gain strength and measure your progress that way instead of on a scale or in measurements. Once I started noticed my progress by how I felt rather than I looked it did wonders for my confidence.
  2. Bloating is normal! I cannot stress this enough. I used to go to sleep crying because of the way I looked after a full day of eating and sometimes not eating enough. Look at it this way; being full is a good feeling. It lets us know we have nourished ourselves and done something good for our bodies. Yes, we have food babies at the end of the day.. Who cares! If you are a human being on this earth, your stomach will expand for a few hours after eating. Once I learned to love myself anyway and look at it as a good thing, I became a happier person overnight. (This is all with the exception of sever bloating due to allergies, that is not good).
  3. I was so excited to do my vegan one month challenge and ended up being disappointed with my results. After that month I decided it wasn’t for me. This January my husband and I decided to both go plant based and see how we feel. The difference between this time and last time is a few things. Now we eat mostly raw, when before I would cook all our veggies and usually in oil. YOU GUYS, I cannot tell you how much cutting out excess oils and eating mostly raw has done for us. My hormonal acne lessened, I’ve lost weight, and honestly just feel better about myself for not hurting the animals.

I didn’t feel right about writing a wellness blog and giving other girls advice when I could hardly take my own. I was dealing with some personal and diet problems that lead me to a dark place. But I’m coming back to you with a new understanding of what it means to be healthy, fulfilled and grateful, and to love myself. We all have good days and bad days, but this year I want to be grateful for all those moments and share them all with you. Thanks for sticking with me!

Love Rachel grace


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