My acne story

Acne is something I started dealing with since age 18, so about 2-2.5 years ago. I remember being in high school and getting compliments from girls because my skin was clear. I did however have trouble with Keratosis Pilaris. This is usually a hereditary problem which I got rid of by using benzyol peroxide and cortizone 10 cream.  I always thought that acne was something adolescents dealt with and once you got older, it would fade away with the regulation of your hormones. So it was a huge shock for me to start breaking out around the time all my fiends started growing out of their acne phase. I tried various cleansing regimens like Clinique, Murad, and Origins but nothing worked. I then decided to try changing my diet. I thought for sure cutting out processed, sugary, unnatural foods that my skin would clear up. While I felt better on the inside I still had no significant change in the color, texture, and over-all quality of my skin. My last approach was to see a dermatologist, and just like I thought, she prescribed me with tetracycline and tretinoin .025%. After four days on tetracycline I got a yeast infection. I called my doctor and she said it was a normal reaction and that she would put me on doxycycline. Within a week of using doxycycline I again, had a yeast infection on top of being horribly nauseated. I told myself I would never take an antibiotic for my acne again. I liked my results from tretinoin so I kept using it and my acne lessened more and more.

img_0077This photo was taken right after I graduated high school.

Two months after my 19th birthday I came home from traveling for the last six-months. During that time I had little control over my nutrition and I had never seen the skin on my face and back so irritated. With the help of my mother, I started researching how to naturally cure acne the minute I got home. This is when I realized I was dealing with hormonal acne. I started taking zinc, probiotics, adrenal support, on top of eating a clean diet. I started seeing positive changes in the skin on my back and chest and felt much better internally from eating a wholesome diet.

img_9704This photo was taken a month after I came home.

Fast forward a year and that brings me to one of my first posts on this blog about supplements. In that post I talk a lot about Hum Nutrition. I am still taking those supplements today and have seen some improvement. Cutting out dairy in my diet cured the acne on my forehead completely. I recently decided to try the dermatologist one more time and just as I expected, I had the same experience and was prescribed and oral antibiotic. I am very passionate in my belief that most problems can be helped and cured naturally so I am 100% positive I will be able to cure my acne this way. My main focus right now is to balance my hormones to heal the rest of my acne and treat my scars by this summer. I want to feel confident, clean, and beautiful in my own skin and hope that my journey will help someone else dealing with hormonal acne as well.

img_1986This photo was taken three weeks ago.
*Please take into consideration that I chose not to take up close photos of my acne because honestly who would. So these are the best photos I could come up with the show you what my skin looked like. Also realize I’m wearing a lot of face makeup to cover up the redness and bumps as well.

Love, Rachel Grace


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