Hi I’m, Rachel Grace!

Hi, I’m Rachel Grace!  I am 20 years old living in So-Cal, working my way towards a Bachelors in Integrative Nutrition. I’m here to share my health and wellness journey with anyone who wants to feel inspired do better for their body, skin, and mind. On my page you’ll find recipes I’ve tried(and maybe even failed at), my favorite beauty products, workouts, and sometimes I’ll just need to vent and tell stories. My dream is to give health advice, teach others about holistic health and nutrition, and take my experiences to help other women get to a place where they feel healthy and most importantly, happy.

My story: Throughout high school my mother made a healthy dinner every night. I ate veggies, meats, fruits, you know how it goes… I grew up on red meat and salad almost every night(which I later realized wasn’t the best diet for me). At age 16 I saw a Naturopath who told me to go gluten free and I did and felt amazing! Over time I was able to work in small amounts of gluten so I wasn’t on such a strict diet. I began exercising and got into shape, I was loving life. Then, like most ladies do at least once or twice, I fell off the wagon. I stopped my fitness routine and brought back processed foods into my diet. Now at age 20, I’ve decided its  time to get back on the wagon. As a young girl in today’s world, especially living in Los Angeles, the health capital of the world, I am constantly bombarded with pictures of “fit” looking women, new fad diets, and juice cleanses, all over my social media. It can be very overwhelming and just down right depressing to go online and have people you don’t know telling you how you need to look, what miracle product they use, and what the “secret” to their success is. Truth is, its hard not to compare yourself to the girls you see, am I right ladies, OR AM I RIGHT. Here I will be posting my personal journey of appreciation and self love in the hopes that it can encourage others. January of 2017 my husband and I decided to try a plant-based diet. I look forward to sharing our progress and stories with you.

Love, Rachel Grace